Charlotte Dawson's move against Twitter Trolls

TV personality Charlotte Dawson is in hospital after hundreds of social media trolls targeted her on Twitter.

Charlotte Dawson

A spokeswoman for Dawson's management said today: "She is in hospital and she is OK."

A St. Vincent's Hospital spokesman said 46-year-old Dawson was in the hospital in Sydney's Darlinghurst and was expected to make a "full recovery".

A close friend of Dawson, who was with her today, also said: "Charlotte's with doctors."

Police said they were called to an inner city Sydney residence early today. An ambulance spokesman said they also responded to a call to help a woman at 3.05am.

Dawson appeared on the Nine Network's A Current Affair and Ten Network's The Project last night to expose vitriolic Twitter bullying this week, with many followers calling for the celebrity to "please go hang yourself."

The social media war started after Dawson tracked down one alleged Twitter hater, Tanya Heti, who has since been suspended from her mentoring job at Melbourne's Monash University after Dawson reported her abusive tweets to the university.
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Police Officer Arrested for Facebook Trolling

A man arrested over claims that he tormented a mother with abusive online messages is a serving police officer.

Nicola Brookes, 45, from Brighton, East Sussex, made a complaint of online harassment after receiving abuse on Facebook when she posted a comment supporting former X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza when he left the show last year.

Ms Brookes, a single mother who suffers from Crohn's disease, said fake Facebook profiles were set up in her name using her picture to post explicit comments and that her daughter was also targeted with abuse.

Frustrated at what she considered to be a lack of action by Sussex police to help track the perpetrators, she took her case to the high court in London where an order was granted compelling Facebook to reveal the IP addresses of the people who had abused her, and other information.

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